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Founded in March 2010, GuangZhou EvergrandeTaobao Football Club has won 15 championships, including two championships of AFC Champions League and seven successive championships of Chinese Football Association Super League, ranked 30th in the world, the most successful and influential professional football club in Asia.

Evergrande Taobao Football Team has stimulated Chinese football market and improved the level of Chinese Football Association Super League; the "chief coach responsibility system under the leadership of the chairman" it created has promoted the reform of China's football management system; the management model of "strict management and heavy rewards or penalties" has improved the management and construction level of the clubs of Chinese Football Association Super League.

In November 2015, EvergrandeTaobao Football Club was listed, the first stock of Asian football; as of December 2017, it had paid taxes of RMB 2.372 billion to the government.

Glorious History

In 2011, Evergrande Group established the world's largest new-type football school with first-class hardware facilities in Qingyuan City, Guangdong. In September 2012, Evergrande Football School was opened and a Spanish branch was established in October 2014.

Aiming at revitalizing Chinese football and cultivating football stars, Evergrande Football School adopts the world leading youth training mode, introduces the top coaching team from Real Madrid and build high level international competition platform to cultivate excellent football talents aged from 9 to 18.

Evergrande Football School adopts one-stop youth training mode featuring special training in China and further training  overseas for respectively five years. Elite students can receive training, competition, study, food, clothing and housing free of charge. Students aged 9-13 receive special training by coaches from Real Madrid. Every year, 25 outstanding students over 13 years old will be selected to the Spainish branch, with 25 members for each age group from 13 to 18. The Spainish branch has 125 elites. Since 2019, the "Evergrande Cup" Madrid Football Championship will be held every year in Spain, inviting top Premier League teams of the same age groups in Madrid, to ensure that the students at all ages at Spanish branch can attend the high-quality, high-level and intensive games every week.

Since its inception, Evergrande Football School has totally invested more than RMB 2.6 billion and won 64 major event championships. 309 people were selected into Chinese National Youth Football Team and National Football Teenager Team, nearly 100 players into Evergrande club echelons of all ages, and more than 3000 young talents at all levels were delivered.

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