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(PERLINK) Evergrande’s 7 projects entered the market on the weekend with the total sales of over 7 billion on the first day of opening

 Date:2016.08.29   Publisher:PERLINK

Evergrande’s 4 projects entered the market together on the date of 28 and were after in the after the continuation of hot selling momentum on the date of 27. The sales volume of Tianjin Evergrande Bayview reached 1.6 billion, and Harbin Evergrande Yayuan, Nanchang Evergrande Huafu and Nanping Evergrande Royal Scene also got good results on the first day of opening, with the sales volume of 1.78 billion, setting a number of records in the l estate market once again. On the weekends, Evergrande’s 7 projects were sold out on the opening day, and the sales volume exceeded 7.03 billion.

Nanchang Evergrande Huafu were well sold on the opening day

According to the reporter understanding, panic buying for the projects made the sales scene booming on the opening day of 28. The sale of the high-rise residential building with twin lake views and luxury decoration launched by Nanchang Evergrande Huafu refreshed the market sales record of local luxury real estate within 2 hours; Tianjin Evergrande Bayview was sold out within only 1.5 hours after it was opened, creating a new legend in the real estate market of North China; there were no empty seats at the sales site of Harbin Yayuan and Nanping Royal Scene, and sales data continued to turn red, with amazing speed.

Hefei Evergrande Crystal International Plaza, Dongguan Royal Scene Peninsula, Nanning Evergrande Huafu launched by Evergrande on the date of 27 also made remarkable achievements, with the total sales of 3.65 billion at that day, and phenomenon of "sold-out within hours" and "sold-out within a day" appeared one after another.

Tianjin Evergrande Bayview were well sold when it opened

Well-sold project and constantly refreshed record has become normal for Evergrande recently. Market monitoring data showed that good news that Evergrande’s projects were well sold has been heard since the beginning of this year. Fuyang Evergrande Oasis, Hengshui Evergrande Oasis and other projects were sold out when they were launched; in addition, , Beijing Binhe Zuo’an, Lanzhou Evergrande Jade Residence, Changchun Evergrande Jingyue Residence opened in the last weekend of last month, with the sales volume of 8 billion on the first day.

Compared with Evergrande’s hot selling, real estate market in July and August belonged to the traditional off-season, and the trading volume was relatively weak. Data showed that the trading volume of commercial residential building in 54 core cities of China declined by 7.4% in July; 0.3% in the first three weeks of August. Evergrande’s sales last month greatly increased by 37.2%, with the sales volume of 43.01 billion, achieving the highest sales record, and it was expected to create new high again in August.

Analysts pointed out that Evergrande was an industry leader in creating a high-quality residence. Regardless of market conditions, cost-effective products positioning in rigid demand would always be recognized by the market, and this was why Evergrande’s nationwide projects could be well sold and its performance could continue to rise.

Data showed that Evergrande announced the sales target in 2016 was raised to 300 billion on August 9, an increase of 50% compared with the original target of 200 billion, and an increase of 49% compared with actual sales of201.34 billion in 2015. “According to the current sales momentum, the of billion will be easy to achieve" The above industry insider added.

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