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[]: Evergrande was firstly ranked on the list of Global 500 and officially changed its name into “China Evergrande Group" on the same day

 Date:2016.07.21   Publisher: People. cn

The world’s most authoritative list of enterprises wasreleased on July 20th and Evergrande (HK.3333), with its operating revenue of21.2 billion US dollars, is ranked thereon, according to Global 500 by theAmerican magazine "Fortune".

The list shows that with the Chinese economygrowing increasingly, more and more Chinese enterprises are ranked among theGlobal 500, which has become a feature on the list in recent years. Meanwhile,although the large state-owned enterprises act as the main force, the Chineseprivately-owned enterprises, represented by Evergrande, have emerged increasinglyas another striking feature on the Global 500 in recent years, marking the moreand more important roles of China's privately-owned enterprises in the developmentof the world economy.

"There is a high threshold for being rankedamong Global 500 and Evergrande is named mainly due to the continued rapidgrowth in its business performance. The ranking will further enhance theGroup’s popularity and influence in the international market and promote thedeepening of its international strategies in the future, which will alsoimprove its overall strength far more", as the industry analysts noted.

In accordance with the rules, operating income isthe key for an enterprise to be nominated or not. In recent years, Evergrande’score indicators such as the operating revenue have maintained high growth. It’sindicated in the data that the Group’s operating revenue in 2015 has increasedby over 20 times in contrary to the 5.72 billion when it was listed in market in2009, up to 133.13 billion, besides which the total assets, sales and netprofits have also increased by more than 11, 5 and 14 times respectively.

"Since it was incorporated 20 years ago, Evergrandehas maintained a trend of rapid development in its scale, and the ranking onthe Global 500 this time, which made it a privately-owned corporation in theglobal industry of real estate that is named on the list in the shortest time, willalso expand its international influence.” as the above analyst said.

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