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[Xinhua News Agency] : 2016 Global 500 was released by Fortune, and the privately-owned Evergrande is ranked therein.

 Date:2016.07.21   Publisher:Xinhua News Agency

Fortune released the list of 2016 Global 500 onJuly 20th, on which the Chinese enterprise Evergrande Group (HK.3333) is rankedfor the first time. On the earlier list of “China 500” released by the magazine,Evergrande Group was ranked 43th, 4 places upper than the previous year.

"Globally speaking, these two lists have ahigh degree of authority and are the exemplary ones that measure the overallstrength of the world's large-scale companies. It has a positive significancefor the further expansion of its international visibility that Evergrande Groupis ranked on the list," as the industry observer said.

Fortune’s list of Global 500 is mainly based on theoperating income and Sinopec, PetroChina, State Grid Corporation of China andother large-scale state-owned enterprises continue to be ranked at theforefront of the list 2016, and Evergrande is named by virtue of its 21,18billion US dollars.

Among the enterprises listed, Evergrande is one ofthe few privately-owned enterprises in China; it is also the only privately-ownedone that is ranked as one of the Global 500 in the global industry of realestate in just 20 years.

The analysts indicated that the business income hasalways been regarded as an important indicator of an enterprise’s growth andits development capabilities, and the higher average growth rate indicate thebetter momentum of the company’s sustained development and the strongercapacity to expand its business in the market. The vigorous growth ofEvergrande’s performance in recent years reflects its high growth.

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