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[Nanfang Metropolis Daily]The Evergrande Real Estate Group has renamed as China Evergrande Group to indicate diversification, from Southern Metropolis Daily

 Date:2016.06.20   Publisher:Nanfang Metropolis Daily

Although Evergrande Group is already one of the world's largest real estate enterprises, but the title of the realestate company can not cover the Evergrande Group with diversified development.  The Evergrande Real Estate Group(HK.3333) announced yesterday, the resolution of the name of the Company to be changed from the Evergrande Real Estate Group Ltd to China Evergrande Group had been passed by the board of shareholders.

Some brokers analyzed and pointed out that the rename of Evergrande Group has not only clearly defined the business scope and positioning of the Company, but also has helped to enhance the identification of listing corporation investment value and facilitate the opening of the market value of space.

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