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[Xinhua Net]Evergrande Real Estate to use the new name of China Evergrande Group, from Xinhua net

 Date:2016.06.17   Publisher:Xinhua Net

As the industry is expected that the Evergrande Real Estate has changed its name after completion of the layout of the diversified industries. The Evergrande Real Estate Group (HK.3333) announced on June 16th  that the name of the company of the Evergrande Real Estate Group Ltd was changed to the China Evergrande Group.

Evergrande announced that the company's business in recent years has become more diversified and the current businesses include real estate, finance, internet, cultural tourism, health, and agriculture and animal husbandry.  Although the real estate industry is still the core business, but the change of name will be able to better reflect the company's diversified business development strategy and corporate identity.

It is reported that the real estate sales of Evergrande Group in 2015 had exceeded RMB 200 billion Yuan and the sales in the first 5 months this year have reached RMB 110.4 billion Yuan, of which the performance is significantly better than the peers. At the same time, the business development of all of other modules of finance, Internet, cultural tourism, health, and agriculture and animal husbandry have been very fast.

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