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[Guangming Daily website] The Advantage of Quality is Brought into Full Play "No-reason House Return" Boosts the Significant Growth of Evergrande's Performance

 Date:2016.03.24   Publisher:Guangming Daily website

"Both the sales volume and the sales area hit record highs, while the rate of returned houses was only 0.91%." At the first anniversary of implementing "no-reason house return" , Evergrande Real Estate has made remarkable achievements, which is somewhat out of the expectation of the market.

On March 22, Evergrande concurrently held the "Press Conference at the First Anniversary of No-reason House Return" in Guangzhou and other 172 cities in China. According the introduction of He Miaoling, Vice President of Evergrande Group, at the press conference, the successful implementation of "no-reason house return" tested once again the high quality and high cost-effectiveness of Evergrande's products. Benefiting from this, last year Evergrande reached a sales volume of RMB 201.34 billion and a sales area of 25.512 million square meters, hitting record highs, while the rate of returned houses was only 0.91%.

These are the relevant data disclosed by Evergrande for the first time since the implementation of "no-reason house return" policy. From the perspectives of experts, on the one hand, "no-reason house return" strengthens the previous customers' confidence in Evergrande, which indirectly stimulates the enthusiasm of new customers driven by previous customers; on the other hand, Evergrande was the first enterprise of creating "no-reason house return", which is a reform of overturning the industry. While re-constructing the system for protecting the rights and interests of house buyers, "no-reason house return" will promote the healthy and sustainable development of the industry.

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