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[Xinhua net] Evergrande Group will invest RMB 3 billion to help Guizhou's Dafang County out of poverty

 Date:2015.12.21   Publisher:Xinhuanet

On December 19, Guizhou Provincial People's government and Evergrande Group in Dafang County, Guizhou Province held held a signing ceremony of Evergrande Group’s Pairing support to Dafang County’s targeted poverty Alleviation in Dafang County, Evergrande Group Evergrande will invest RMB 3 billion in three years and take a comprehensive package of measures to help Dafang County in poverty alleviation.

Dafang County is located in concentrated poverty-stricken areas of the Mt. Wumeng, and currently has a poor population of 180 thousand people. Evergrande plans to take measures in target poverty alleviation including industry, relocation, employment, education, living security for special disadvantaged groups.

Among them, Evergrande will invest RMB 1.1 billion to support and develop characteristic agriculture, animal husbandry and seedling base; invest RMB 100 million as loans to provide guarantee for the development of poor households; invest RMB 1.2 billion to build 10 large settlements for the relocation of 20,000 poverty population; invest RMB 500 million to support the development of education in Dafang county; invest RMB 50 million to present a universal insurance for each of the special disadvantaged groups out of the poor population, with the insurance benefits for the stable poverty alleviation; invest RMB 50 million to build a new home for the elderly and a new children's Welfare Institute.

Hui Ka Yan, Chairman of the Board of Evergrande Group, said that the construction of the projects including the development of poor households related industries, settlements and schools will start at the beginning of next year. Evergrande will concentrate on the realization of the overall poverty alleviation of the 60 poor villages of Dafang County in 2016 and help the poor households to achieve a sustainable development of industry and make rich. In addition, Evergrande will combine the targeted poverty alleviation and the new urbanization and rural construction philosophy to create an aid model for targeted poverty alleviation and explore the new path for the group to help targeted poverty alleviation.

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