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[] Surrendering RMB 3.5 Billion Wins the “True Love” Evergrande Kindly Accepts Four Projects of New World

 Date:2015.12.04   Publisher:Evergrande Group

In the evening on December 2,  an overwhelming acquisition was announced, which broke the record of China’s real estate. Evergrande Real Estate and Hong Kong New World respectively announced that Evergrande Real Estate would acquire four super large projects of New World, which are located in three places including Haikou in Hainan Province, Wuhan in Hubei Province and Huizhou in Guangdong Province, with a total floor area of nearly 4 million square meters and a total amount of RMB 13.5 billion.

This is not the first move of Evergrande in recent half a year. However, the unprecedented verve of devouring the old brand projects of Hong Kong capital allows the industry to have a deep feeling about the powerful strength of Hui Ka Yan and the Evergrande Real Estate under him. Is the power of China’s private economy so strong?Have the good days that old brand Hong Kong companies dominated in mainland China gone forever? At this time, public opinions are divergent.

The figures are the most eye-catching. Naturally, the media around the world instantly focus on the amount and floor area of this overwhelming acquisition. In fact, if we cast aside the simple thinking of entertaining financial news and throw away the onlookers mentality that it is not too busy to watch, but, from the perspectives of finance and real estate, carry out a comprehensive analysis on the locations, supporting, assets, prices, future potential,  the rates of return and payment methods of the four large projects of New World in three big cities, which are acquired by Evergrande, we can draw a deeper and more meaningful conclusion: Evergrande’s acquisition this time may be called a perfect acquisition case in Chinese business circles and a great action of perfect “bottom-fishing”.

In a word, Hui Ka Yan, the smartest boss in Chinese business circles, has completed not only an acquisition which breaks the record in the history of China’ s real estate, but also “the most cost-effective trading” in the history of China’s real estate.

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