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[Time Weekly] Evergrande Life Insurance's Oath-taking Rally: To Achieve the Premium of More than RMB 10 Billion and to Strive for the Premium of RMB 30 Billion in More than One Month

 Date:2015.11.26   Publisher:Time Weekly

On November 23, two days after its introduction, Evergrande Life Insurance held a thousand-people oath-taking rally: to achieve the premium of more than RMB 10 billion and to strive for the premium of RMB 30 billion by the end of December. Evergrande Executive Vice President Li Gang highlighted at the oath-taking rally that Evergrande Life Insurance should make comprehensively planning based on the "new concept, new thinking and new target", with Evergrande's target plan management as the operation concept to fully integrate the internal and external resources, forming a full channel marketing network, so as to complete the target.

It is reported that in the 2 transaction days after Evergrande Life Insurance was introduced, the stocks of Evergrande (HK.3333) and Evergrande Health (HK.0708) jumped in the adverse market by 6% and 19.5% respectively at maximum, and the modes of "insurance + property" and "insurance + health" enjoy the attention and popularity in the capital market.

Based on the analysis, Evergrande Life Insurance relies on the solid strength, brand, resource, team and strategic partner of Evergrande, enjoying obvious advantage in the industrial competition, and will grow bigger and stronger rapidly, becoming a giant in the industry.

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