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[Sina] Evergrande Purchased a Whole Top Office Building in a Core Area of Hong Kong

 Date:2015.11.13   Publisher:Sina

Photo of the top office building in Hong Kong acquired by Evergrande

The towering top office buildings on the banks of Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong have always been highly sought after by global enterprises. According to the announcement on November 12, Evergrande Real Estate (HK.3333) has acquired a landmark office building with a full sea view in Hong Kong at a price of 12.5 billion yuan, which sets a record as the largest acquisition of a whole office building in Hong Kong in recent years, making Evergrande Real Estate become the only mainland private enterprise owning a whole independent office building in Hong Kong.

Relevant data shows that MassMutual Tower, the target property in this transaction, is located at 38 Gloucester Road, Wanchai, near Admiralty, Wanchai Metro Station and Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, with a total floor area of 32090.9 square meters and a current letting rate of 100%. As one of the participants in “A Symphony of Lights”, it is a full-sea-view office building with the most superior location that offers the best view of Victoria Harbor.

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