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[Xinhua News Agency] Evergrande ranking first with 103% of target completion

 Date:2015.11.03   Publisher:Xinhua News Agency

On November 2, the latest results of Evergrande (HK.3333) showed that its sales of 25.8 billion in October made a record high in the monthly sales; in the first 10 months, the total sales reached 154.53 billion yuan, ranking first with 103% of target completion in China, becoming the real estate enterprise completing the annual target ahead of schedule this year.

According to statistics, 25.8 billion is a new high in monthly sales after Evergrande exceeded 20 billion yuan in June this year, exceeding Poly's sales of 25.65 billion in June this year, winning the champion of monthly sales among housing companies this year.

The announcement also shows that a number of indicators of Evergrande are significantly ahead of peers. In October the sales increased by 129.9% month on month, with an increase of 185% year on year, both of which are the first in the country; in just 10 months its total sales exceeded 150 billion, significantly more than its 131.5 billion in sales last year, up by 44%, ranking first in the country.

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