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[Xinhua. net] Evergrande Taobao successfully listed, becoming the first stock of Asian football

 Date:2015.11.06   Publisher:Xinhua. net

The first stock of Asian Football was born! On November 6, Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao Football Club (the "Evergrande Taobao", stock code 834338) was officially listed on the new board, becoming Asia's first soccer club landing the capital market.

The listing ceremony was lively that day, Evergrande and 阿里巴巴 executives, well-known investors, institutional investors and the media witnessed this milestone moment together, the two big figures- Hui Ka Yan and Jack Ma rang the bell for listing.

As the overlord with five consecutive Super League champions, Evergrande Taobao is Asia's most successful and influential professional football club, with a total of 1.258 billion paid to government as tax. It has created a Chinese football history over five years, winning nine champions of the Super League, AFC, FA Cup and Super Cup, entering the AFC Champions League final again this year.

In 2011-2015, the club has achieved the unprecedented five consecutive champions in the Super League; in 2013 it became the first Chinese club winning the champion of AFC Champions League, reaching the first five-year plan of "winning the AFC and ruling in Asia" ahead of schedule. Currently it is ranked first in Asia, and 30th in the world. "Evergrande club has become a city card of Guangzhou, and the representative of Chinese football and Asian football." insiders said.

On the listing ceremony, Chairman of Evergrande Taobao- Ke Peng said in his speech, the results from the past five years came from the five competitive advantages of club management concepts and models, team building, strict management, penalties and rewards, cultural construction; as for the future plans for the club, he said the club was stepping forward in accordance with the three strategic development plans.That is, Evergrande will rise to be top 20 world clubs in five years, achieving the second Five-Year Plan of "international standards and world-class". It will have deep cooperation with Real Madrid, with overall increase in operating income, striving to achieve profitability from 2016. Evergrande football school transfers student and improves youth training system to cultivate Chinese football talents, and achieve "all Chinese class" within six years.

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