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[Sina]With consecutive growth in performance, Evergrande increases its target to 180 billion yuan this year

 Date:2015.11.11   Publisher:Sina

After reaching the annual target of 150 billion ahead of schedule at the end of October, Evergrande Real Estate issued a notice on November 10, increasing 20% of the 2015 target to 180 billion yuan, with a dramatic increase of 37% against the actual sales of 131.5 billion in 2014.

Data show that Evergrande has accumulated sales of 154.53 billion until October, with an increase of 44%, reaching 117.5% of that in 2014, and completing 103% of the original annual target of 150 billion, which is China's first housing company exceeding annual target ahead of schedule. After increasing the target to 180 billion, its completion rate is still as high as 86%, ranking first in the country, far exceeding the industry average of less than 7%.

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