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Hui Ka Yan Sends Letter of Thanks to Evergrande Staff Who Help 520 Thousand Get Rid of Poverty in Three Years

 Date:2019.01.28   Publisher:Evergrande Group

On the New Year's eve, Hui Ka Yan wrote a letter of thanks to Evergrande's poverty relief team of 2,108 people stationed in Bijie City, Guizhou Province. He extended his gratitude for their poverty relief efforts and great contributions, and encouraged them to renew their efforts in assistance works, and win the battle against poverty.

It is learned that Evergrande Group has offered partner assistance to Bijie City since December 2015. It has provided RMB 11 billion and sent 2,108 poverty relief workers, getting 521.3 thousand local people out of poverty. The objective is to help more than one million local people shake off poverty by 2020.

A departure meeting for Evergrande's poverty relief team

The edible mushroom production base funded by Evergrande reaps a good harvest

  Shexiang Ancient Town, an immigrant settlement funded by Evergrande in the city proper of Dafang County

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