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[Sina] The Company with Tencent and Evergrande as Major Shareholders Rose 128% after Resumption, the World's Largest Community O2O Space is Expected to Soar Up

 Date:2015.08.03   Publisher:Sina

According to news on August 3, Tencent and Evergrande became major shareholders of Mascotte (HK.0136), which had been suspended for nearly two months. And soon after the start of trading upon resumption, its share price sharply rose to HK $0.65, up 128% over HK $0.285 before the suspension. Calculated at the existing share capital of 36.1 billion shares, its total value reached HK $23.5 billion.

Mascotte announced last week that the company will change the business into the Internet community service.Market report predicts that the scale of the Internet community service market is more than one trillion, becoming one of the most concerned new blue ocean fields. Tencent and Evergrande, both with a wealth of resources in this field, are expected to quickly establish their market positions.

Mascotte, a Hong Kong listed company, announced on July 31st that Tencent Holdings (HK.0700) and Evergrande Real Estate (HK.3333), which had been announced to plan to subscribe for 75% shares of the company, would become the company's two largest shareholders.Among them, Evergrande holds 55% with a contribution of HK $550,000,000, and Tencent holds 20% with a contribution of HK $200,000,000.It is understood that this is the first time for backdoor listing of Tencent in the Hongkong market, which will work together with Evergrande to become “the world's largest Internet community service provider".

According to the announcement, the two sides will build the Internet community service online platform to provide O2O one-stop services, such as ordering, logistics arrangement, delivery of products or services, etc., and subsequently implement the 12-month business development plan, as the first key stage. As the largest property enterprise, Evergrande has more than 400 communities and nearly 4,000,000 house owners in more than 170 cities, which is undoubtedly the best carrier to develop the Internet community service.

"There is still great space for the rise of its share price." Some market participants believed that "after repeated backdoor listing of 阿里巴巴 in Hong Kong, Ali Health, Ali Film and other shell companies reached a market value of one hundred billion despite their unclear business illustrations.As the new shareholders of Mascotte, Tencent is an Internet giant with the same scale as 阿里巴巴, and Evergrande is the largest real estate tycoon. Under the same valuation logic, it is reasonable to predict the soaring of its market value. "

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