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[Xinhua] Tencent-Evergrande Cooperation was Released: Joining Hands into Internet Community Service

 Date:2015.07.31   Publisher:Xinhua

Along with the boom of “Internet+”, the Internet companies and the real estate enterprises make frequent contact each other. On July 31, the announcement issued by Mascotte (HK.0136), a Hong Kong listed company suspended for nearly two months, unveiled the area of cooperation between Tencent (HK.0700), the global Internet giant, and Evergrande (HK.3333), the global real estate giant, namely, the two sides will jointly build the Internet community service platform.It is understood that the platform will develop Internet of Things intelligent community, Internet home, Internet banking and other services, to create a new “Internet + community service” ecosystem.

This time, Tencent and Evergrande jointly subscribed for 75% shares of Mascotte at a total price of HK $750,000,000.Among them, Evergrande holds 55% of shares with a contribution of HK $ 550,000,000, becoming the controlling shareholder; and Tencent holds 20% of shares with a contribution of HK $200,000,000, becoming the second largest shareholder.

The announcement shows that Tencent and Evergrande will establish the Internet community service online platform (ICS online platform) by making use of each other’s advantages, to provide O2O one-stop services such as ordering, logistics arrangement, delivery of products or services, etc..

The latest research report by Guosen Securities believed that, as an innovation-based company which has strong industries and actively tries on new business, appreciation of Evergrande’s estimated value will be gradually reflected along with the rapid development of its business.

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