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[Jinghua Times] Evergrande Defeats "Chinese Manchester United"

 Date:2010.05.08   Publisher:Evergrande Group

Jinghua Times 2010-5-8 Sun Yongjun,Zheng Xiaolong

In the level-1 focal match last night, “Chinese level-1 Chelsea” Guangzhou Evergrande defeat “Chinese Manchester United” Shanghai East Asia with a score of 3:1. East Asia first encounters failure and Evergrande ranks among top three in the league match.

At the 8th minute of the match, Li Zhilang of Evergrande scored a goal. Five minutes later, Wang Jiayu, captain of East Asia scored a goal two meters before the goal, realizing a tie game. Afterward, Gao Lin got two points at the 27th minute and the 78th minute, thus the score became 3:1.

After the match, iron coach Lee Jang-Soo said: “We are a bit careless so that we cannot hold back the attack. I will talk with my players in meetings later. Gao Lin performed well, and others are also very splendid since the entire team has made contributions.” After the first failure in the home court, Fan Zhiyi, young coach of East Asia, said: “From the angle of training players, we allow young players to make mistakes, but they cannot always make the similar mistake. I don’t think a competition can show anything as the league tournament is a very long journey and we still have the opportunity to become a Super League game.”

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