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[Guangzhou Daily] Adventure + Struggle + Confidence = First Victory as a Visiting Team

 Date:2010.05.08   Publisher:Evergrande Group

Guangzhou Daily 2010-5-8 Zhang Zhe

Although Tang Dechao left the court due to a broken nose in less than 10 minutes after his appearance at the court, although the score was equalized in less than 5 minutes, and although the fans of the opponent team unceasingly disturbed the players of Guangzhou GAC Team with laser pointers in the stadium accommodating 80,000 viewers, Guangzhou GAC Team still defeated its opponent Shanghai East-Asia Team tonight. Guangzhou GAC Team not only won for the first time as a visiting team in this season, but also broke the destiny that “Guangzhou football team does not win in night games” for the recent three years.

Lee Jang-Soo Won by Surprise in the Second Half

On the day before the game, the commander of Guangzhou GAC Team Lee Jang-Soo already said that “we will not just make a last-ditch defense on the visiting court”. The reporters, however, were generally skeptical about Lee Jang-Soo’s word as a result of the difficult conditions of injured team members and lack of foreign players. It was unexpected that Lee Jang-Soo realized his promise tonight. Not only Li Zhilang and Peng Shaoxiong the two young players were appointed, but also there was no a lineup of 5 guards in the battle against Chengdu Blades Team on visiting court. In the first half, Guangzhou GAC Team took the lead at 2:1 with reasonable rather than conservative tactical.

What was out of everyone’s expectation was that in the second half Lee Jang-Soo replaced the only foreign player Gbeke by another young player Ni Bo, so the Guangzhou GAC Team played the second half with a “all-Chinese team”. Regarding this tactical change, Lee Jang-Soo explained that he found that the players made many mistakes in the latter part of the first half, so he appointed Ni Bo so that the players with solid technique could enhance the control of the team and put off the counter-attack time of the opponent. The fact proved that Lee Jang-Soo's surprise move fixed victory conditions.

Gao Lin Scored Two Goals and Ranked the First in the Shooter Board

"I am grateful to the players for their spirit of struggle and solidarity in such a difficult situation. I came to China for years, and found that many players were satisfied with one point in an away game. This is an idea which must be changed, and we must have the confidence to win three points in an away game!” Lee Jang-Soo said after the game, “today it is not some players but the entire team performs well. Some old players like Li Jianhua and Wu Pingfeng, their untiring running move me deeply! I am the captain of the team vessel, so I cannot say the word “difficulties” even we face the difficult situation!”

Gao Lin did not score any goal in four consecutive games, and today he scored 2 goals in Shanghai and ranked the first in the shooter board with 5 goals. “I think that the team goes mature gradually and I am confident in our achievements in the Series A!” Gao said after the game.

The fans of Shanghai East-Asia Team were very disappointed at the first defeat of this season, but the coach of Shanghai East-Asia Team Fan Zhiyi said that “The score 1:3 is not so bad and I even lost a game at 1:9 in the past. The team is young and there is a long way to go.”

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