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[Beijing Evening News]Evergrande’s Hui Ka Yan Wins China Charity Award for the Sixth Time, Who Ranks in Forbes as China’s First Philanthropist

 Date:2013.04.21   Publisher:Beijing Evening News

On April 19, the highest government award in China’s charity - the eighth “China Charity Award”, which was sponsored by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, solemnly announced the winners in the Great Hall of People in Beijing , and the compassion public, organizations and charity projects across the country won the award, Hui Ka Yan, member of CPPCC Standing Committee and chairman of Evergrande Group, was one of the representatives.

In the morning of that day, Li Liguo, the minister of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, and Meng Jianmin, the vice director of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, met with the winners and presented the awards at the ceremony. As a well-known entrepreneur and philanthropist, Hui Ka Yan won the award of “The Most Caring Charity Donator of China Charity Award” for the sixth time, and became the caring people with the most personal awards since its inception.

“China Charity Award” was established in 2006 and has been successfully held for eight times. The award aims to compliment disaster relief, helping the old, the disabled, orphans, the poor and needy, students and medical help, and support arts and culture, environmental protection and other charitable spirit. After many times of screening and rigorous selection, Hui Ka Yan, member of CPPCC Standing Committee and chairman of Evergrande Group, stood out from thousands of  applicants and successfully won the important award of “The Most Caring Charity Donator”.

The reporter learned that, as a member of the Standing Committee of CPPCC and also the most outstanding private entrepreneur in China, Hui Ka Yan not only vigorously join the charity himself, but also repeatedly called for more businesses and individuals to join the charity on important occasions.In the 17 years of entrepreneurship, Hui Ka Yan has devoted himself to various

social charities, advocating and actively participating in them and sparing no effort to vigorous donation and sacrifice of love, which makes him deserve for the honor.

In the same day of the eighth “China Charity Award”, the Chinese version of the famous American business and financial magazine- “Forbes”, released the China Charity List in high-profile for the eighth time, and Hui Ka Yan, chairman of Evergrande Group, was put in the list and once again won the honor of China's first philanthropist by Forbes.

As the list shows, Hui Ka Yan-the head of Evergrande, Ren Yuanlin of Yangtze River Shipbuilding Company, Wang Jianlin of Wanda Group ranked the top three among the 100 entrepreneurs (business) in the list. As for the direction of donation, the donation of Hui Ka Yan-China’s first philanthropist, was directed mainly to education, sports, entrepreneurship, poverty alleviation and disaster relief and other areas closely related to the people's livelihood and social, cultural and sports career, which fully reflects the strong patriotic enthusiasm and sense of ownership of Chinese Charity entrepreneurs in personally solving domestic social problems and sparing no effort to revitalize the prosperity of Chinese culture and sports.

In March this year, through a very strict political censorship and screening, Hui Ka Yan, as a private entrepreneur from the Communist Party, was overwhelmingly elected into the 12th Standing Committee of CPPCC, who was the only one from economic circles. And his wonderful speech on “To stimulate enthusiasm of enterprises to promote the development of charity” in the General Assembly was reverberated and widely praised in the charity sector and business community.

Insiders pointed out that the representatives of private entrepreneurs in China(represented by Hui Ka Yan) are extremely excellent in politics and actively participate and make outstanding contributions in improving the mechanism of charitable relief.As a member of Standing Committee, Hui Ka Yan is sure to bear more social responsibilities and make more contributions to the construction of socialist harmonious society and the promotion of social prosperity.

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