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[The Daily News] The Rooftop of Evergrande Broke the Box-office Record of Chinese Musical Films

 Date:2013.07.21   Publisher:The Daily News

        The Rooftop, a musical drama released in the theaters throughout the country in July 2013, received the 10-day box-office income of 90 million yuan, breaking the box-office record of Chinese musical films in China. In the query that it is impractical to shoot musical films in China, on the date of premiere, the Rooftop won the single-day box-office championship by virtue of the box-office income of 17 million yuan. This film was elected as the film for the closing of Asian Film Festival in New York. Jay Chou said, the Rooftop aims to disseminate the Chinese culture to the world, "so that the foreigners can understand more the Chinese style".
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