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[Securities Times] Sales of Evergrande in August Exceeded Ten Billion Target of One Hundred Billion is Expected to Be Fulfilled ahead of Time

 Date:2013.09.10   Publisher:Securities Times

After winning seven first prizes in total assets, turnover and seals area etc. in half a year   were issued two weeks ago, the sales performance of Evergrande Real Estate (3333.HK) in August still reached the new height. The sales volume of the company in such month exceeded ten billion yuan, reaching 11.4 billion yuan, further creating the highest record of single-month sales by far in this year.

Besides, the rate of increase of sales area and accumulative sales amounts of Evergrande Real Estate in August both set a new high. It was understood that Evergrande insisted on engaging in real estate of people’s livelihood under standardized operation with small profits but quick turnover, because of sufficient source of goods in the next half year, the annul sales target of one hundred billion yuan is expected to overfulfill ahead of time again.

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