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[Xinhua Net] Brand Value of Evergrande Rose to 26.7 Billion

 Date:2013.09.17   Publisher:Xinhua Net

It was issued in Report on  Assessment and Research for Brand Value of Chinese Real Estate Enterprises in 2013 on 17th that the assessed amount of Evergrande brand value reached 26.783 billion yuan, creating new high again.

Being jointly issued by Chinese Association of Real Estate Research, China Real Estate Association and China Real Estate Appraise Center, the report was deemed in the industry as one of two major brand value lists of greatest authority and influence in Chinese real estate field. On 12th  previously, the other list – TOP10 of Brand Value of Chinese Real Estate was jointly issued by School of Enterprise of Development Research Center of the State Council, Real Estate Institute of Tsinghua University and China Index Academy, and Evergrande was praised as the champion of TOP10 for four consecutive years.

It was shown in the report that in 2009, Evergrande firstly entered in the top three of brand value of Chinese real estate enterprises, up to now from 2010, Evergrande ranked the first for four consecutive years, and the brand value increased by 3.2 times in four years. In the meantime the sales area has ranked the first nationwide for three consecutive years, and sales volume has ranked in the top three.

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