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[Xinhua Net] AFC Champions League – Two Goals from Elkeson and Field Goals of Muriqui and Conca Evergrande Entered in Top Four at 6-1 on Aggregate

 Date:2013.09.19   Publisher:Xinhua Net

Special sport telegram of Xinhua Net on September 18 in Doha, Evergrande Football Team defeated the opponent Qatar Lekhwiya Football Team at 4:1 in the second round of 1/4 finals of AFC Champions League ended in Doha, the capital of Qatar.

Except that Evergrande Team was slightly restrained and passive at the beginning, it seemed unstoppable in the whole game, and the players on the field strived actively with remarkable performance. Only in 31 minutes after the beginning, Evergrande had led over the opponent at 3:0 by virtue of 3 goals respectively from Conca, Elkeson and Muriqui. Though Korean player Nam Tae-Hee in Lekhwiya regained 1 goal at the 51st minute to rewrite the score at 3:1, the player Elkeson from Evergrande powerfully shot to score at the 77th minute after receiving the centering ball from Gao Lin, gaining another goal for Evergrande Team to win the game.

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