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[Southern Metropolis Daily] Guangzhou Evergrande Makes Chinese Football History and Breaks Several Records

 Date:2013.10.03   Publisher:Southern Metropolis Daily

Finally, a Chinese club appears in ACL final. In the second round of ACL semi-final last night in Tianhe Sports Center, Evergrande, by the fierce attack of three South American players, updated the scoreboard again and again and concluded a sweeping victory of 4:0 over Kashiwa Reysol. With the 4:1 score in the previous round when it fought as guest, Evergrande has eliminated the opponent by 8:1 and is qualified for the final.

Today, Evergrande not only expects a third championship in a row in the league, but has also defeated powerful opponents from other countries and got qualified for the ACL final. What’s more, Evergrande this year may possibly obtain the unprecedented title of Three-Championships (CSL, ACL and CFAC). However, as Zheng Zhi said: “Up to now, we have not won any championships yet this year”. Evergrande has already made a dynasty. But, to reach the summit, it needs more effort.

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