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[Phoenix Sports] Exclusive Review: Given A Fulcrum,Hui Ka Yan Could Pry Asia [Phoenix Sports] Exclusive Comments: Given A Fulcrum,Hui Ka Yan Could Pry Asia

 Date:2013.11.10   Publisher:Phoenix Sports

November 9, Guangzhou Evergrande home court1-1 draw with Seoul FC, two round total score of 3-3 with guest court score more goals to win the 2013 Asian Champions League title, this title was missed to allow Chinese football 23 Asia top club competition embarrassing record completely broken, ascend to the Super League three consecutive three years to complete, to win the AFC Champions League, behind all sorts of honors are inseparable from the boss Hui India's unconditional support!

Hui Ka Yan almost single-handedly re-enacted the Football order in China and Asia, though not necessarily a healing ACL championship since more than ten years, but whenever the inevitable knife licking the blood of the contest day is finally over. More importantly, Hui Ka Yan not in rhetoric but by businessman preaching pragmatism, and China told the Chinese football fans, Football is not no way, but dare or want to think about ways.

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