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[Xinhua News]Guangzhou Evergrande Tops Asia!

 Date:2013.11.10   Publisher:Xinhua News

Sunxiang excitedly falls into the ground facing the sky and seems to pour the hot blood in his chest. Conca runs around the stadium and celebrates with a Five-Starred Red Flag. Silver-haired Lippi also rushed wildly into the field!

On the evening of 9th, Guangzhou Evergrande tied with Seoul FC from Korea with a home court score of 1:1 and the  aggregate score of 3:3 in the second ground game of ACL League finals and wins the championship with the advantage of goals in guest court game. This is the first Asian champion that China has won in the past 23 years.

65-year-old Lippi becomes the first man who has won the World Cup, the UEFA Champion and the Asian Champion in the world in the 29th year of his couching career.

Evergrande wins the ACL champion in its second year participating the League after three successive championships of the CSL (Chinese Football Association Super League) in no more than 4 years since the team set up. The team’s leading shooter Muriqui wins the top scorer title and the MVP of ACL.

Lippi’s Chinese dream is to be continued. China’s Football dream is to be continued! 

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