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[ Nanfang Metropolis Daily]“Evergrande Spring” on the Shoulder of ACL, Evergrande Marches In High-End Water Market

 Date:2013.11.11   Publisher:Nanfang Metropolis Daily

Once upon the ACL championship that team Evergrande wins, the Evergrande Group claims to launch its “Evergrande spring” subordinated to the Group meaning another progression in diversified development which is depending on its ACL championship won in September.

Liu Yongjun, Evergrande Group’s Vice President, says it is still a big investment for Evergrande with a production of tens of millions and a huge investment. What an estate entering the high-end water market for? A huge advantage for getting a high profit in water market by football brand marketing and real estate channel can be found in the elaborate layout of Evergrande.

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