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[People’s Daily Online] Evergrande Jointly Builds Football Specialty College with RUC (Renmin University of China)

 Date:2013.11.20   Publisher:People’s Daily Online

People’s Daily Online Beijing 20 November (People’s Daily Online) Evergrande Group makes another big progression upon getting the trophy of ACL. At today’s noon, RUC (Renmin University of China) and HSARUC (High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China) together with Evergrande Group sign a cooperation agreement planning to build Renmin University Evergrande Football School and HSARUC Real Madrid Football School, moreover, to deepen the cooperation in physical education.

It is reported that HSARUC Real Madrid Football School is going to be officially established. HSARUC will entirely take charge of teaching in the school, including regular appointment of teaching management and teachers team, help with school’s promotion in management, teachers' development, talent cultivation and cultural construction to make HSARUC Real Madrid Football School develop rapidly, effectively and sustainably as well as to promote the cause of Chinese football talent cultivation together.

While the newly-built Renmin University Evergrande Football School selects a remote place and is mainly engaged in leveled undergraduate education taking the opportunity of increasing degree authorization centers for master's professional degree and goes for authorization of first-level discipline of science of physical culture and sports. The degree of undergraduate recruitment facing the whole country mainly enrolls in HSARUC Real Madrid Football School and the initial yearly amount of recruitment will be 50.

RUC President Chen Yulu, CPPCC Standing Committee and broad chairman of Evergrande Group, Hui Ka Yan along with the consultant of the State Council and HSARUC president Liu Pengzhi participate in the signing ceremony.

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