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[PRNewswire]Evergrande Ranks Top 2 for Four Consecutive Years Among the Released Top 500 Chinese Real Estate Enterprises in 2014

 Date:2014.03.19   Publisher:PRNewswire

On March 19, 2014, the assessment result of top 500 Chinese real estate development enterprises was released, and it was revealed that Vanke and Evergrande ranked No.1 and No.2 again respectively by virtue of the preeminent comprehensive strength upon integrated survey of enterprise scale, risk management, profitability, growth potential, operation performance, innovation capacity, social responsibility and other indexes. The appraisal of top 500 real estate enterprises was co-sponsored by China Real Estate Institute, China Real Estate Association and China Real Estate Assessment Center.

Notably, on various rankings, Evergrande ranked No.1 in terms of five indexes, including top 10 in comprehensive development, top 10 in city coverage, top 10 in innovation capacity, top 10 in tourism real estate, and top 10 in responsible real estate, creating the most records of No.1 in single index ranking. It was reported that in 2013, Evergrande achieved the sales volume of RMB 100.397 billion and the full-year sales area of 14.894 million square meters, with more than 290 large-scale projects covering over 140 cities throughout the country.

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