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[Xinhua Net]: Evergrande Agri-Industries Group Launched its First 6 Safe Products

 Date:2014.08.28   Publisher:Xinhua Net

New products release conference of Evergrande Agri-Industries Group is held on the the first floor of Evergrande center today, bringing the group to light with the help of Evergrande Football Team gained its popularity in AFC Champions League. The new products of Evergrande Agri-Industries Group vary from Evergrande green rice, Evergrande organic rice, Evergrande green colza oil, Evergrande green soybean oil and Evergrande organic soybean oil to Evergrande organic cereals. Mr. Zheng Zhi, Mr. Gao Lin and their wives are invited to be the promotion ambassadors of Evergrande Agri-Industries Group. At the same time, recruiting of Evergrande Agri-Industries Group, Evergrande Dairy Group and Evergrande Livestock Farming Group are conducted throughout China.

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