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[] Evergrande Tops Two Authoritative Developer Brand Value Lists Released Successively with Brand Value of ¥29.186 bn

 Date:2014.09.20   Publisher:Evergrande Group

The two most authoritative and influential lists for brand values of domestic property developers were released in succession on Sept. 17th and 19th. Evergrande tops the lists again by its soaring brand value in recent years, its brand value has increased by 360% to RMB 29.186 billion in 5 years. 

 The 2014 Assessment and Research Report on Brand Values of Chinese Property Developers jointly released by China Real Estate Research Association and China Real Estate Association gave recognition to the brand value of Evergrande, in the list the brand value of Evergrande surpassed that of Vanke by the assessment result of RMB 29.186 billion, a new assessment record for the Group. Evergrande also tops the 2014 Top Ten Brand Value Report on Chinese Property Developers released by Enterprise Research Institution of DRC, Property Research Institution of Tsinghua University and China Index Academy, allowing the Group to be a 5-time title holder of the list and maintain its leading position in the industry.

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