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[Guangzhou Daily] Evergrande Target Price Raised by Four Securities Traders

 Date:2015.04.24   Publisher:Evergrande Group

        Yesterday, the Hang Seng Index rose to over 28,000 points firstly, then dropped all the way, and finally ended with a 0.38% of decline.
       However, the mainland property stocks continued to rise. Of which, Evergrande (3333. HK), the underlying stock of the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect program rose to 2.25%, with the highest price once up to HK $5.6 and the final closing price at HK $5.46, refreshing the four-year high again.
        So far, Evergrande has increased over 15% within this week. Since the opening of the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect program at the end of last year, its price has a cumulative increase of more than 80%. Reporters noted that recently, several domestic large securities traders such as Haitong Securities, China Securities, CITIC Securities and Guotai Junan Securities have released research reports on Evergrande and given buying or overweight rating.

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