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[] Evergrande Sales of 45.7b in the First Four Months Hit a New High

 Date:2015.05.10   Publisher:Evergrande Group

        On May 10th, Evergrande (3333. HK), the underlying stock of the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect program published its sales performance in April. Data revealed that its contract sales volume in April was 15.12 billion Yuan, with year-on-year increase of 8.9% and month-on-month growth of 10.3%; sales in the first four months reached 45.66 billion Yuan, hitting a new high over the same period.
        Data show that Evergrande achieved sales volume of 15.12 billion Yuan in the first four months, not only hitting a new high this year but also breaking the monthly sales record last year. At the same time, its contract sales area of 2,113,000 square meters continued to rank the first in the country, with year-on-year increase of 4.6% and month-on-month growth of 16.5%.

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