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[]Evergrande Achieved the Sales Volume of RMB 87.1 Billion in the First Half Year, Ranking No.1 in the Target Completion Rate Vanke and Evergrande Sped Up to Leave the Peers Behind


       Evergrande (HK.3333), which just announced football & culture spin-off listing, announced the sales performance in June on July 6 that it achieved the single-month sales volume of RMB 24.75 billion, and that it accumulatively achieved the sales volume of RMB 87.11 billion in the first six months, therefore, the market focus returned to its main business under rapid development. 
        It was announced that Evergrande achieved the sales volume of RMB 24.75 billion in June, creating the highest single-month sales volume record throughout the history, with a sharp increase of nearly 50% on a year-over-year basis. According to the insiders, "on one hand, there are objective factors for market recovery, and on the other hand, Evergrande has increased the sales strength to some extent".
        Evergrande, with powerful momentum, was regarded as being the most powerful corporation to impact the industrial position of Vanke. Vanke and Evergrande achieved nearly the same sales volume with no much difference in June, RMB 25.1 billion and RMB 24.8 billion respectively. The two giants both achieved the sales volume of more than RMB 20 billion, so well-matched that neither could gain the upper hand.
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