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Evergrande’s Prescription for Anti-poverty is the Beneficial Pioneering Undertaking of the Enterprise-involved Poverty Removal

 Date:2016.11.25   Publisher:恒大集团

Though the mountain area of Wumeng has already stepped into winter in November, the heart of the people from Dafang county is still warm. With the commencement of the second 63 key projects of Evergrande’s helping and supporting Dafang county of Bijie, it enters a new phase that Evergrande helps Dafang county to realize the stable anti-poverty of all its 180 thousand poverty people. Over the past year, the phased achievement acquired during the process of Evergrande’s helping Dafang county and its prescription for precise poverty alleviation and removal has already become the specimen for current battles against poverty.

When Du Qinglin, secretariat of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and vice president of the CPPCC, inspects the crucial work of poverty removal in Bijie, he specially comes to Dafang and declares on spot the commencement of the second 63 key projects of Evergrande Group. He expresses, the first 40 key projects and the second 63 key projects are precise, powerful, practical and of solid work, and they are the beneficial pioneering undertaking and practice of enterprise-involved poverty alleviation.

According to statistics issued by Dafang, in less than a year, from the commencement of helping and supporting Dafang on December 1 last year to August 31this year, Evergrande has already helped 10,494 families and 39,817 people to realize poverty removal preliminarily and is expected to help another 40,500 people by the end of December, which accomplishes 45% of the total mission for anti-poverty.

On the commencement ceremony of the second 63 key projects of Evergrande Group’s helping Dafang county, Sun Zhigang, president of Guizhou province, praises that Evergrande creates valuable experiences and erects a glorious model for all kinds of enterprises including private ones involved in battles against poverty and in promoting common prosperity.

There are always routes under peach and pear trees even though they never talk. Evergrande has already walked a new path for diverse and multi-channel precise poverty removal through adopting practical tactics on precise policies, doing practice work on precise push and observing practical effects on precise implementation, which is promotable, replicable and referable.

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