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Win-win cooperation between Hengteng Network and Jingdong Enterprises Purchasing, exploring the community E-commerce mode

 Date:2016.09.23   Publisher:Evergrande Group

On September 19, Hengteng Network Group and Jingdong Enterprises Purchasing achieved cooperation and started a of “919 Mi Mi Jingdong Welfare Party” in Guangzhou. At the ceremony, the both sides said they would jointly explore the community E-commerce mode and further expand the cooperation later, seeking a deeper cooperative relationship.

According to the agreement, in the Hengteng Mi Mi APP, which is the community O2O platform of Hengteng Network, they will set up a exclusive section for Jingdong Special, providing goods with higher cost performance, more abundant category, more perfect after-sales service for the community owners.

It is recommended that the goods provided by Jingdong Enterprises Purchasing to Hengteng Network are from , so the high quality of goods has been fully protected. At the same time, Hengteng Mi Mi will introduce the SecKill from time to time, hot and discount goods, so that the owners can enjoy the best quality goods with the most cost-effective price.

Moreover, this cooperation also makes the range of goods of Hengteng Mi Mi Mall more abundant. The goods from Jingdong in Hengteng Mi Mi APP covers a dozen main categories, such as personal care and toiletry, food and beverage, general merchandise, digital & phone, & and others, which can effectively satisfy the multilevel and all-round needs of the community owners.

In addition, for the after-sale problems customers concern, Jingdong Enterprises Purchasing also said it would set up an exclusive after-sale team for the products sold by Hengteng Mi Mi and provide a more personalized, efficient and intimate after-sale service for the orders from Hengteng Mi Mi platform.

At the same time, Hengteng Network and Jingdong Enterprises Purchasing jointly initiated a large-scale activity, namely, “9.19 Mi Mi Jingdong Welfare Party". For 12 Evergrande’s pilot communities, they mainly launched more than seventy high-quality goods, including a large number of goods as low as half off, providing the tangible benefits for community owners.

The cooperation between Jingdong Enterprises Purchasing and Hengteng Network was described as win-win cooperation and complement each other.

It was understood that Evergrande had about more than 500 real estate projects in 180 cities of the whole country, and Hengteng Network depended on Evergrande to get a strong advantage of community resources, realizing precise positioning and accurate service for users.

It is well known that Jingdong Enterprises Purchasing has its own strong platform advantage from Jingdong, and the competitive price, abundant and high-quality goods and services has been praised by the industry. As a top solution provider of enterprise procurement, Jingdong Enterprises Purchasing will help Hengteng Network to improve its E-commerce business.

Then Hengteng Mi Mi and Jingdong Enterprises Purchasing will focus on logistics and shopping experience to do more to try and explore, aiming at the last one kilometer’s community market, discussing offline experience store, speed delivery, interaction of E-commerce and life, and other more fast and user-friendly cooperative direction.

"This strong cooperation between Evergrande and Jingdong is only a start, and their industries involve many fields and scopes, with a huge imaginary space." Analysts said that the cooperation between Hengteng Network and Jingdong Enterprises Purchasing was , which would certainly accelerate the development process of the one trillion of blue ocean market of community O2O and promote a conversion of the community O2O industrial chain from quantitative changes to qualitative changes.

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