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Evergrande Health will build an international hospital together with Brigham, which is expected to put into operation next year.

 Date:2016.09.19   Publisher:Evergrande Group

Recently, in the presence of Luo Baoming, the secretary of Hainan provincial committee, Evergrande Health and American Brigham and Women's Hospital (one of the main teaching hospitals of Harvard Medical School, and hereinafter referred to as "Brigham") signed a joint statement in Washington, and the both sides would further deepen cooperation, promoting the high-end international hospital project to land in China.

Since its establishment in 2015, Evergrande Health has moved frequently in international cooperation, and Brigham becomes its introduced top-level "foreign aid". In March this year, the both sides formally signed a legally binding strategic cooperation agreement. In addition to cooperation to jointly build high-end international hospital project, Brigham also planned to provide consultation and support for the national medical networks laid out by Evergrande Health.

It was understood that the first cooperation project between the both sides - Boao Evergrande International Hospital was located in a pilot region of Music City in Boao, Hainan. The project’s positioning is to build a domestic leading and international first-class high-end tumor hospital. It will make the most of policy advantages of the pilot region to introduce international advanced tumor therapy concept, mode, equipment, technology and talent, providing multidisciplinary combined treatment and providing accurate treatment and whole lifecycle rehabilitation for patients, promoting the improvement of the level of domestic cancer prevention and treatment. At present, the project has entered the stage of construction, and its main project construction plans to be completed within the year, and it is expected to achieve trial operation of its preliminary in 2017.

At the same time, Sanya Haitang Bay International Hospital will become the second project prepared to build cooperatively by the both sides. The project will focus on high-end women and children and assisted reproduction, medical cosmetology and anti-aging, rehabilitation and other fields, and it is also expected to complete the planning and design and start construction within this year.

It is reported that Brigham Hospital now has more than 180 years of history, one of the founding hospitals of Partners HealthCare System(PHS), also one of the hospitals which have produced the largest number of Nobel Prize winners. The hospital has become an international leader in the aspects of basic, clinical and translational research of human diseases, which has been awarded the best hospital in the United States for many years and has reached the leading level in the field of cancer, heart disease, gynecology and others in the world.

Industry analysts believe that the cooperation between Evergrande Health and Brigham will be conducive to the introduction of international advanced medical technology and advanced concept model and the integration of high-quality medical resources, and the construction of high-end international hospital will greatly promote the improvement of domestic medical level and become a major livelihood project for the benefit of the Chinese people.

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