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Hengteng Network released the interim results in 2016 and a number of core indicators increased rapidly

 Date:2016.08.23   Publisher:Evergrande Group

On August 23, Hengteng Network (HK.0136) released the interim results in 2016 in Hong Kong, and a number of core indicators increased rapidly. Results showed that Hengteng Network achieved the turnover of HK $60.246 million as of June 30, with the gross profit of HK $23. 942 million. Meanwhile, gross profit ratio increased by 14.2% to 39.7%. Among them, gross profit growth rate of the Internet community service business was as high as 58.4%.

In the first half of this year, Hengteng Network arranged around the previously released "3+2+x" business, and used the operating pattern of asset-light platform, which made various businesses get steady development.

Scene of the press conference

It was understood that comprehensive community O2O platform developed by Hengteng Network in the first half year-- Hengteng Mi Mi APP had completed 3 times of iterative upgrade, and the product function increased from 6 items of version 1.0 to 30 items of version 2.5, a basic completion of building three basic sections, namely, property services, neighborhood social communication and life services.

At the same time, the number of registered users of Hengteng Mi Mi APP increased rapidly. , Hengteng Network has continued to work hard in of Guangzhou, Shenyang, Shijiazhuang and other first batch of pilot cities of Hengteng Mi Mi APP which attracts a large number of owners and the relevant users to register. Up to now, the registered users of Hengteng Mi Mi APP are more than 220 thousand people. Certification rate of permanent owners in the pilot community reaches 96%, active rate is over 50%, and the owners’ online using coverage rate reaches 97%.

Moreover, the two largest value-added sections of Hengteng Network, that is, Internet home and community finance, also has developed rapidly.

In the first half of this year, Hengteng Network completed the online and upgrade of Internet home platform - Hengteng Mi Jia. Hengteng Network combined with the country's top soft-mounted design team, providing a full set of customized space - design scheme for the house type bought by a homeowner; and it combined with 15 China’s renowned home furnishing brand suppliers and 4 home appliance giants to establish a "Home Furnishings Alliance", providing a “bag check” service for Evergrande’s repossession owners. As of June 30, the "move-in condition" service had been developed in 23 Evergrande’s residential communities of 22 cities such as Beijing, Chongqing, Chengdu and other cities.

In addition, community financial business which is more of concern in the industry also began to show its strength. Announcements showed that Hengteng Network created a diversified financial and consumption scenario according to the daily behavior of users in the community life, and launched its series community financial product of “Constantly Enjoying Life”. Currently, the first product “Owners Treasure” has been pilot online on Hengteng Mi Mi APP.

"As a flagship company which is composed of Evergrande Real Estate Group and Tencent Holdings to enter the Internet community service industry, Hengteng Network has a high starting point, new mode and rapid development, and its innovative ‘Internet + community ’ecosystem is gradually forming" Some analysts pointed out that Hengteng Network had a sustainable growth and explosive power, and it was expected to seize the one trillion of blue ocean market, bringing subverted effects on the Internet community service industry.

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