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Evergrande Health issued interim results in 2016; as strategic upgraded, multi-business advanced side by side

 Date:2016.08.19   Publisher:Evergrande Group

On August 18, 2016, Evergrande Health (HK.0708) released interim results report in Hong Kong. The core data showed that the turnover of Evergrande Health amounted to 183 million (HK $, the same below) in the first half of 2016. Of which, the health business turnover rose 200% from a year earlier, with the gross profit of 45 million, gross profit ratio of 25% and the total assets of 1.579 billion, which increased by 83% compared with the end of 2015.

Scene of the press conference

Notice disclosed that Evergrande Health continued its diversified development road, actively developing its main business, including health maintenance community, new kind of high-end international hospital, community medical care, medical cosmetology, anti-aging and many other fields, promoting the implementation of a number of projects in full speed.

It was understood that, in response to a call for China’s construction of hierarchical medical service system and vigorously developing the service for the aged, Evergrande Health was committed to providing "at-home" medical care service for the common people, leading and creating the coverage and upgrade of a new healthy lifestyle.

In view of the present situation of a rapidly ageing population and the demand of improving the life quality of community residents, Evergrande Health are already developing a large-scale health maintenance community project, studying and formulating China's first large-scale community health maintenance living standards, building the community as a health maintenance Lohas ecosphere, a combination of service for the aged and . At present, the first batch of health maintenance community projects has in Haitang Bay and Sea Flower Island of Sanya, Hainan respectively.

With health management and service for the aged as the starting point, Evergrande Health is expanding 12 "Internet +" community health management center that operating, of rehabilitation, service for the aged and other service modules based on the original community’s health . To provide the nearest health care and concerned and loving service for the community family and elders.

"With consolidating and optimizing the original main business as a main keynote, Evergrande Health continues to explore the strategic upgrade. Its layout of healthy maintenance community and community medical care section catches the eye." Insiders pointed out that the above layout could satisfy current domestic huge health care and pension demand, and while its introduction of international advanced concepts and patterns also formed a kind of demonstration effect in the industry.

When talking about the next development, Evergrande Health management disclosed at the press conference that Evergrande Health would reconcile "optimization mode" and "speedup of construction, promoting four large business sections to go hand in hand in the second half of 2016.

Specific planning: in the aspects of health maintenance community, it will systematically advance the construction of two health maintenance community projects, namely, Haitang Bay and Sea Flower Island of Sanya, planning to achieve an initial pre-sale at the end of this year, while continuing to explore the development of new projects, providing a new tourism endowment and health maintenance experience for the common people; in the aspects of international hospital, it will complete the main project construction, equipment procurement and the first batch of personnel in place of Boao Evergrande International Hospital within this year, and strive for trial operation of the first-phase project in 2017. The second international hospital that cooperates with Harvard-affiliated Brigham and Women's Hospital has been decided to locate in Haitang Bay of Sanya, and is expected to complete the planning and design and start construction within this year; in the aspects of community medical care, community medical care management center will provide a wider range of medical services and health products according to the different needs of different regional families, and provide more accurate health care and concerned and loving service for the community elders, starting the community family, endowment and single diseases insurance, becoming a pioneer of the "Kaiser" mode; meanwhile, in the aspects of medical cosmetology and anti-aging, it plans to build and operate a number of medical cosmetology micro-mechanism with different technical advantage and business characteristics in some key cities of the whole country, which will be arranged 's first second after the mode becomes mature, forming a chain service network.

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