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Boosting the Healthy China Strategy, Boao Evergrande International Hospital is Officially Opened

 Date:2018.04.10   Publisher:xinhuanet

On February 28, Boao Evergrande International Hospital, which was jointly built by  Evergrande Health Group and the Brigham and Women's Hospital Affiliated with Harvard Medical School (BWH), is officially opened. The attendees present at the event included  Xia Haijun, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors and President of Evergrande Group, Tan Zhaohui, Chairman of Evergrande Health Group, Shi Junping, Vice President of Evergrande Group, Mark Davis, Chief Executive of the Health Business Development Strategy Project of BWH, and the leaders of the relevant government departments of Hainan Province and Qionghai City.

The  Rod-pushing Opening Ceremony of Boao Evergrande International Hospital

According to the introduction of Xia Haijun, as BWH's only affiliated hospital in a country outside of the United States, Boao Evergrande International Hospital is built in strict accordance with BWH's high technical standards; it is fully in line with the management, operation, diagnosis and treatment, and rehabilitation systems of BWH, for the purpose of becoming a world's leading cancer hospital, so that the patients can enjoy the medical services of the leading hospital in the United States without leaving China.

The Scene of Business Opening of Boao Evergrande International Hospital

BWH is one of the main teaching hospitals of Harvard Medical School; it has been selected into the list of  10 Best American Hospitals  for several years; it is also one of the hospitals with the largest number of Nobel Prize winners in the world; it is at the world's leading level in the field of cancer treatment. The team of experts from BWH directly participate in the design, construction, business opening and operation of the hospital, provide the whole-course medical services including prevention, treatment and rehabilitation, and apply the outstanding achievements of BWH in the medical field, so as to build a high-standard clinical scientific research and transformation platform.

Boao Evergrande International Hospital

It is learned that Boao Evergrande International Hospital can find and accurately position the pathological changes as early as possible through advanced techniques. At the treatment stage, the hospitals in China generally adopt the specialized diagnosis and treatment model, so the patients have to visit different departments for consultation. However,  Boao Evergrande International Hospital integrates the medical experts of MDT (multiple disciplinary team) from the departments of internal medicine, surgery, radiotherapy, imaging and nursing to make a targeted individual treatment plan, which can reduce misdiagnosis and unnecessary treatment and effectively control the costs spent on reasonable items. In addition, Boao Evergrande International Hospital provides comprehensive healthcare services, including rehabilitative convalescence psychological counseling, nutritive diet, supplementary treatment and regular follow-ups, so that  the patient can achieve better rehabilitation after illness.

Onsite Consultation of Cancer Experts from China and the United States

On the day of the event, Boao Evergrande International Hospital offered charitable consultations, and the team of experts from BWH provided on-site medical services for the patients. It is learned that the team of experts from BWH will permanently reside in Boao Evergrande International Hospital, and Boao Evergrande International Hospital will realize the international teleconsultation through medical record consultation, imaging consultation, pathological consultation, video consultation and other ways, so that the patients can get the world's leading diagnosis and treatment services in China.

Advanced Medical Equipment of Boao Evergrande International Hospital

Furthermore, currently there are still many obstacles in the application of foreign drugs and medical devices in China. However, Boao Evergrande International Hospital is located in Hainan Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone, the establishment of which was approved by the State Council; thus, it can enjoy China's nine special preferential policies  and  synchronously apply foreign innovative drugs and new technology and equipment at the forefront of the world. It is reported that Boao Evergrande International Hospital has introduced many advanced medical devices. For example, the devices of the imaging department and radiotherapy department of Boao Evergrande International Hospital are connected with those of BWH in the United States, so that the two hospitals can work together to develop a diagnosis and treatment plan. Meanwhile, Boao Evergrande International Hospital has initiated the planning and construction of the proton center; it will also introduce the world's leading Da Vinci Surgical System in the future.

In the view of industry insiders, Boao Evergrande International Hospital aims at complex tumor diseases which greatly threaten human health; it introduces the world's leading medical talents, technology and resources, so that Chinese people can enjoy high-quality medical services; and it greatly improves the level of medical technology in China, which has far-reaching significance for promoting the implementation of the Healthy China Strategy and satisfying people's new aspirations for a better life.

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