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The group exclusively supports the 49th World Table Tennis Championships

 Date:2008.01.17   Publisher:Evergrande Group

On January 16, Evergrande Real Estate 49th World Team Table Tennis Championships Title Sponsor Signing Ceremony & Press Conference was held in the city hall of Guangzhou. Such relevant representatives as vice-mayor of Guangzhou Xu Ruisheng, the assistant secretary general Gu Shiyang, the chief of Guangzhou Municipal Sports Administration Liu Jiangnan and the president of the group Xia Haijun were present at the signing meeting, and together signed Evergrande Real Estate 49th World Team Table Tennis Championships Title Sponsor Agreement .
It is reported that the 49th World Team Table Tennis Championships of 2008 Guangzhou, the top game of world table tennis circles, is authorized by International Table Tennis Federation, held by the Chinese Table Tennis Association and undertaken by Guangzhou Municipal Sports Administration and Guangzhou Table Tennis Association. This game is scheduled to be held in Guangzhou Gymnasium from February 23 to March 3 in 2008. When the time comes, more than 3000 officers, coaches, athletes and newspaper reporters from more than 150 countries and regions of the world will attend this game. According to the relevant director of Municipal Sports Administration, World Team Table Tennis Championships of Guangzhou is the most important international game that our country holds before Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and also the international game of supreme scale undertaken in Guangzhou before the Guangzhou Asian Games of 2010.
It is by no means fortuitous for the group to support this top game of table tennis exclusively. In fact, as far back as 2005, the group has supported and held "2005 Women Table Tennis World Cup". In the past few years, the group has jointly held in succession 2004 Guangzhou International Dragon Boat Race, Guangzhou Crossing over Pearl River Activity and supported Men Table Tennis World Tour. And it has also held such large-scale sport activities as the sports meeting for ten thousand employees with the theme of "supporting 2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou and 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing " for two consecutive years. All these have constantly promoted the nationwide fitness campaign to the depth.
On the signing ceremony, Xia Haijun, the president of the group, says that enterprises’ civil campaigns are the calling of China’s social development for enterprises and the harmonious resonance of the enterprises with the society and the nation. Evergrande is very grateful to this era, which offers it the opportunity to develop, and also to this city, which gives it the soil to grow up. So Evergrande insists on following and practicing the modern civil logos of enterprises. It bears social responsibility positively and devotes itself as possibly as it can to all kinds of social commonweal activities, such as sports, education and culture, charity and commonweal, environmental protection and so on to make untiring efforts to promote the society's harmonious progress and nationwide fitness. And long-term devotion to social commonweal projects like sports has already become an important component of Evergrande’s long-term development strategy.
World Team Table Tennis Championships, established in December of 1926, was the most high-level world table tennis game sponsored by International Table Tennis Federation. It is held once in every two years and stands for supreme honor of table tennis. In history, World Team Table Tennis Championships has been held in three cities of our country including Beijing, Tianjin and Shanghai. It is the first time for this game to be held in Guangzhou. And it is the first time that China’s national enterprise supports this game exclusively. Through title supporting this international game, our company hopes to express our boundless love to our motherland, our full support for national ball—table tennis and deep yearning to gain the respect and honor of international society as a national enterprises. At the same time, we hope to further communicate human emotion, spread cultural friendship, promote the world peace and make our own contribution to establish harmonious society.
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