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Evergrande “10000-People Sports Meeting” Opens on January 18th

 Date:2009.01.12   Publisher:Evergrande Group

---- Unprecedented in Guangdong Business World and Sports World in Terms of Scale, Standards and Influence

In its efforts to support Guangzhou Asian Games, implement the “National Fitness Program” and promote the corporate philosophy of “corporate citizen”, Evergrande held the third “10000-People Sports Meeting” in the Sports Center of the Evergrande Garden Hotel on January 18th. The theme of this sports meeting is “Evergrande celebrates the upcoming Asian Games and champions the “National Fitness Program””. 

This sports event was unprecedented in China’s civilian sports world in terms of scale, standards and influence. Evergrande sent 8 professional sports teams consisting of full-time employees that used to be athletes on the national sports teams or class-1 national athletes to compete against major sports teams from Guangdong in eight sports including men’s basketball, women’s volleyball, table tennis, badminton, men’s tennis, women’s tennis, team tennis, all of which are going to be tense and exciting competition.

It is reported that this time major sports teams from Guangdong all sent experienced strong athletes, and Evergrande also sent five sports teams consisting of 113 athletes, all of whom are Evergrande’s regular staff members. including 7 athletes on the national sports team and 58 class-1 athletes. The average height of Evergrande’s basketball players is 1.95 meters, and the average height of Evergrande’s female volleyball players is 1.82 meters. The two sides are well-matched. This sports event is going to be very exciting and worth seeing. It will promote the civilian sports to an unprecedented new level.

Evergrande has all along been giving unreserved support to promoting the development of China’s sports cause, people’s health and the civilian sports cause. It successively sponsored numerous important events such as Guangzhou International Dragon Boat Regatta, 2005 World Women’s Table Tennis Competition, 2007 49th World Table Tennis Championship, etc. and held the “10000-People Sports Meeting” twice, the most high-level civilian sports event in China. This time, to celebrate the upcoming Guangzhou Asian Games in 2010 and to show the upbeat and enterprising spirit of Evergrande to the society, Evergrande held the third “10000-People Sports Meeting”, which will greatly enhance staff’s moral. It will also become a significant event in China’s civilian sports world and will promote the development of the “National Fitness Scheme” in Guangzhou and even in the whole country.


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