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First Domestic Professional Volleyball Club Comes into Being Evergrande Women's Volleyball Team Defeats Guangdong Women's Volleyball Team at 3:2

 Date:2009.05.22   Publisher:Evergrande Group

Source: Guangzhou Daily Reporter: Yang Min May 22, 2009

Evergrande Volleyball Club – the first domestic professional volleyball club incorporated with investment of RMB 20 million yuan by Evergrande Real Estate Group was established the other day. With so many “state-level” players joining in, its strength cannot be underestimated. Evergrande Volleyball Team intends to challenge the powerful national teams. The first match yesterday was Evergrande Women's Volleyball Team VS Guangdong Women's Volleyball Team, and ultimately Evergrande Women's Volleyball Team won the game at 3:2, started the first of a series matches.

China Volleyball will usher in a new leap, and the domestic Volleyball Club system will undergo an impact of fully professional operation mode. According to in-group sources, this move will inject new vitality into China professional volleyball circle and boost breakthroughs of China’s volleyball professionalization system.

Evergrande Team (red) won victory over the Guangdong Women's Volleyball at 3:2, making a good start

Current conditions
       Domestic volleyball professionalization process advances slowly

Statistics show that at present there are two kinds of formations of China's professional volleyball club: one is non-entity club with corporate sponsorship, namely, the clubs sell their naming rights and the enterprises offer fund sponsorship and there is a very loose cooperation between the two sides. The clubs are in fact professional team and there is no the organizational structure of the clubs in its real sense; the other is entity club of Sports Bureau and enterprises. Namely, the enterprises make investment and the Sports Bureau is responsible for tangible and intangible assets such as sports coaches, athletes and training venues and so on. The two sides set up the club jointly. The specific division of labor is like this: the Sports Bureau is responsible for training and competition of teams and enterprises are responsible for the operation and publication. These two types in fact are not professional clubs in real sense and there is a need of improvement and strengthening.

Skim over the volleyball league history after the reform, the clubs cannot be regarded as true professional clubs. Professional teams find some corporate sponsors and the sponsoring money is about RMB one million to two million yuan, so the economic strength of the clubs is naturally not so strong and the financing has become another major cause obstructing the development of volleyball.

       Independent operation of enterprises records the first in China

Evergrande Volleyball Club is the first domestic Volleyball Club fully operated by enterprises independently. This reporter has learned that the registered capital of the club is up to RMB 20 million yuan and is run and operated in full accordance with enterprise mode. It has established a series of sound and scientific organizations such as offices, the Department of Administration, Management and Development Department, Membership Department, Finance Department and Legal Affairs Department. It pioneers a “new mode” characterized by self-financing, self-survival and self-development of domestic volleyball clubs.

Under this “new mode”, Evergrande will be solely responsible for overall operation matters such as coaches, athletes, training venues and so on of the clubs. Its front-line players are directly registered at the Volleyball Management Center and it could take part in national games on the behalf of Guangdong Province. In addition, it intends to set up Team 2 and Team 3 with Guangdong Sports Bureau jointly, of which the back-up players will be selected and trained by Guangdong Sports Bureau and “picked up” by Evergrande front-line after “fruit bearing”. This means that behind the Evergrande Volleyball Club system there is strong support of Government, so its hematopoietic function is also stronger. The “new mode” will gradually relieve the Government's burden, completely resolve the difficulties arising from multiple factors such as incomplete profesionalization, a default in new players, lack of funds and lag-behind of operating mechanism suffered by China volleyball circle and greatly promote China's Professional Volleyball Club system develops in a healthy and mature direction.

In interview, a number of authorities of Guangdong sports circle say that from the prospective of international volleyball development trend, the domestic volleyball professionalization process slowly and apparently lag behind the overall pace of development, even behind neighboring Japan and South Korea. The new mode of Evergrande Volleyball Club follows closely the world development trend as a useful exploration pushing forward the construction of China's volleyball professionalization. It carries groundbreaking significance and will be definitely play an active promoting role in the accelerated rise of China’s volleyball cause.

       “State-level” volleyball elites gather up

At present, Evergrande Volleyball Club has been established as the first domestic professional volleyball club. Evergrande Women's Volleyball Team is coached by Qiu Fengrui, national senior coach, 2006 national youth coach for men's volleyball, member of State Aid-foreign Group, original master coach for men’s and women's volleyball teams of Hebei Province, and “recruits” a large number of women's volleyball elite players throughout the country. It has very strong line-up strength and the majority players have experiences in “state-level” teams.

Evergrande Women's volleyball team has a total of 11 players with an average age of 22, average height of 1.82 meters, in which there are 6 state master sportspersons, 5 athletes at the national level, all bachelor’s degree. From the list of team members, the reporter finds that the 6 national master sportspersons have strong strength. Liao Tingting has ever been elected in National Team and National Youth Team, Zhou Jia elected in National Youth Team and Liaoning Provincial Team, Jiang Wei elected National Youth Team and Liaoning Provincial Team, Wang Tian elected National Beach Volleyball Team and Guangdong Provincial Team and the another two are all the active-duty main force of strong teams such as Bayi Team.

       Challenge powerful domestic teams to promote system development

Evergrande Volleyball Club believes that volleyball is a sport of highly confrontation, so the competitive level is the basis of survival and development, which in large part will be improved in actual combats. Only a certain number of games can be due exercise value. At the same time, whether there exist advantages in of full professionalization and how many advantages exist, these could only be manifested through the “real pitched” matches. Therefore, the club will enter into rivalry with powerful domestic women’s volleyball team in the near future to cumulate more experience of competition.

At Last night, in the competition of Evergrande Women's Volleyball Team VS Guangdong Women's Volleyball Team, Evergrande Team defeated Guangdong Women's Volleyball Team at 3:2 and struck the good start. This is only a beginning. It was learned that from May 21 to June, Evergrande Women's Volleyball Team will also plan to conduct a se

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