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Carry Out “Four Major Movements” Dynamically and Boost the 5th “Three - year Plan” Strongly

 Date:2009.05.24   Publisher:Evergrande Group

News from this paper: On the afternoon of May 9, 2009, Prof. Xu Jiayin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Evergrande Real Estate Group Limited, delivered an important speech titled Carry Out ‘Four Major Movements’ Deeply and Implement Evergrande Strategy Comprehensively at 2009 Meeting of Evergrande Real Estate Group Limited, in which he gave the supreme order of carrying out “Four Major Movements” in the Group, pointing out the direction for comprehensive implementation of Evergrande strategy and comprehensive boost of the 5th “Three - year Plan”. Chairman Xu’s speech was visionary and overall as another monument in the development history of Evergrande and a program of action for Evergrande employees in a new era.

To ensure that “Four Major Movements” will be carried out comprehensively, continuously and deeply within the Group and that fruitful results can be obtained, the Board of Directors has issued five documents to instruct the movements in a guiding manner. According to these documents, “Four Major Movements” mainly cover four aspects, namely, “to strictly enforce discipline”, “to improve personnel management”, “to compulsively implement professional management systems related to engineering and bid invitation and tendering” and “to thoroughly remove three kinds of people”, and the movements will be carried out from May 10 to August 31, designed to completely change backward thinking and ideas, to advocate Evergrande’s corporate spirit and work style, to form an “iron army type team” for Evergrande, to continuously promote and strengthen a “close group – based management mode” and to create a good environment for corporate operation so as to basically correct the social environment, laying a solid foundation, realize strict management and purify the team as well as to ensure the overall strategic goal of the Group can be realized smoothly.

On May 11, the first working day after Chairman Xu delivered the speech on “Four Major Movements”, all centers (departments and offices) and all regional companies and affiliates of the Group launch the movements dynamically earliest according to the requirements of the documents. All evidence showed that once started, “Four Major Movements” were vigorous and hot: All units, from the headquarters of the Group to the engineering sites and building sales sites of all regional companies, transmitted the spirit of the documents to the employees earliest and made “schedules for the implementation of movements” by the phase according to the requirements of the documents and divided learning, examinations, acceptance and summarization closely related to the movements to ensure the movements would be deep, through and effective enough. As at 17:00 p.m. May 15, the Editorial Department of Evergrande Paper received nearly one hundred contributions, over 500 articles on learning experience and over 200 pictures, respectively from various units.

All centers (departments and offices) organized their employees to deeply learn the documents deeply according to the requirements of the documents by organizing and convening learning seminars, which also caused the meeting rooms in each floor of Tianlun Building, where the headquarters of the Group is located, to be continuously reserved. By May 12, all meeting rooms had been reserved in full and scheduled to the end of August when the movements would end, which also demonstrated the employees of the Group were extremely enthusiastic at the movements and strict with learning.

To actively respond to the call of the Board of Directors and to ensure “Four Major Movements” were boosted deeply, all regional companies and affiliates would not like to be outdone and successively placed current emphasis on “Four Major Movements”, so they organized their employees to carefully learn the documents on “Four Major Movements”, boosting the progress of the movements through down–to-earth action.

After the Group’s documents on the deep implementation of “Four Major Movements” were issued to regional companies, the management of each branch convened a preparatory meeting for Four Major Movements overnight to discuss the members comprising the leadership team of “Four Major Movements”. To ensure the documents would be carefully carried out according to the requirements, Changsha Company specially established a secretariat to be responsible for the supervision and check of the whole movements and the connection with the work of the headquarters. In light of the characters of Four Major Movements in each phase, the leadership teams of “Four Major Movements” under quite a few regional companies deliberately arranged the work and made particular measures based on particular requirements, with which all work of “Four Major Movements” would be carried out one by one according to the time node and all tasks, whose time, places, responsible persons and participants were defined, were assigned and examined in the form of the work plan node. Since May 14, all departments of all regional companies have conducted learning activities in numerous forms and with rich content. All the employees learned and discussed Four Major Movements by the department, the company management personally participated in the learning and discussion of the department in their respective charge and the supervision sub-office uniformly checked the learning and discussion. Each department combined its own professional characteristics, so there were a variety of learning forms are. In Changsha Company, to prevent the department learning from being mere formality and to obtain actual effect, its engineering department, bid invitation and tendering department, engineering technology development and other departments spontaneously organized internal expertise examinations, ranked and announced the examination results and punished or rewarded the employees based on the ranking.

At the beginning of the movements, all branches and affiliates mainly worked by learning, in which all the employees sought the difference in the light of their own work and in combination with the requirements of “Four Major Movements” and actively conducted criticism and self-criticism. At the symposium, all the officers and employees remarked enthusiastically and expressed their on views on how to further improve their own work with “Four Major Movements” as an opportunity. In addition, each company to carry out the process of movement have also been meticulously arranged and deployed the process of the movements.

According to the requirements of the documents on “Four Major Movements”, all work related to the movements is being busily conducted, relevant responsible units have prepared examination review information, questions and answers related to each professional post, the supervision office has strictly checked the meetings all day and other work is closely boosted based on the spirit of the documents.

In May, Guangzhou was shone by vernal sunlight and vigorously green everywhere. In nature, May is a beautiful month full of hopes and nurturing hopes. The comprehensive implementation of “Four Major Movements” surely will add strong colors and details to the development history of Evergrande. The clarion has been sounded, so let’s all participate in the grand “Four Major Movements” and devote ourselves to them with down-to-earth acts to leave our footprints in the brand-new journey of Evergrande as a real estate carrier.

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