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EWVT Debuted with a Landslide 3:0 Win over Hebei Team to Continue Writing the Development History of Chinese Volleyball

 Date:2009.11.30   Publisher:Evergrande Group

November 28 represents a new page in the history of Chinese volleyball. On the day, the first professional volleyball team of a real sense in China led by Coach Lang Ping debuted in the league together with its two world-class foreign players. In this game that had aroused widespread interest, EWVT overwhelmed Hebei team 3-0 (25-9, 25-15, 25-17) to clinch its first win in the league.

Because of the arrival of Lang Ping, Baoding Gymnasium that can accommodate 5000 people was filled to capacity. Soon after the match started, EWVT controlled the rhythm of game firmly and took the first set by a lopsided score of 25 to 9. It was not until the second set that the members of Hebei team began to ease up the nervousness of confronting master hands and gradually became unfettered. But, EWVT gave the opponent nothing to hope for and won the last two sets hands down 25:15 and 25:17.

The first game of EWVT drew the intensive attention of media. After the match, the press conference hall was packed with the reporters from all over the country. Such a scene has never been seen even in the league of Group A. It is learnt that there are 7 teams taking part in the league of Group B, including the teams representing Shandong, Hebei, Fujian, Yunnan, Guangdong and WIPE and EWVT, which will compete for two seats in Group A.

From November 28, 2009 to January 26, 2010, EWVT will take on the 6 opponents in home and away matches in 12 rounds that will last 2 months to vie for the admission to Group A. The debut of EWVT in the season is the first match directed by Lang Ping after she came back home and also represents the reappearance of Zhou Suhong, Feng Kun and Yang Hao, members of the golden generation. It is also the debut of American players Davis and Christa in the Chinese league. Hence the unusual significance of the game. According to the schedule, the second round of Group B of the National Women’s Volleyball League will fall on December 1, when EWVT will challenge Fujian team.


Soon after the start of the match, EWVT firmly controlled the tempo of the game.

EWVT showed its powerful strength in the game and played stably in no hurry.


EWVT whipped Hebei in 3 straight sets to win its first game.


Coach Lang Ping explaining her tactics to the team members.


Coach Lang Ping arranging tactics


Christa (left), a member of the American team, did fine in the game.

Celebrating victory


The first game of EWVT drew the intense attentive of media. After the game, the press conference venue was packed with reporters from nearly 200 media.

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