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EWVT Defeated Its Fujian Counterpart 3:2 to Lead the League with Two Straight Wins

 Date:2009.12.02   Publisher:Evergrande Group

Issuing Time:2009-12-2

On the evening of December 1, the second round of Group B of 2009-2010 National Women’s Volleyball League drew to a close. EWVT challenged Fujian Xilongbao team on the away court in Xiamen. As a leader in charge of Fujian team, Chen Zhonghe, former head coach of Chinese Women’s Volleyball Team, also went to Xiamen to watch the game. In the end, EWVT beat its opponent 3:2 (21-25, 25-17, 23-25, 25-18 and 15-4). The reunion of Lang Ping and Chen Zhonghe, both being former head coaches of the Chinese team, became the spotlight of the match.

EWVT is in high spirits after sweeping Hebei team 3:0 in the first match of the league. Fujian team beat WIPE 3:0 in its first match and has strength not to be trifled with. The starting lineup of EWVT for the game included all its leading players: spikers Yang Hao and Wang Li; cospikers Yin Meng and Christa; technique Zhou Suhong; setter Feng Kun; libero Davis.

After 4 sets of duels, the two teams played to a draw of 2:2 and the match got into the deciding set. EWVT started the deciding set with a dreamlike 4:0 and entered the technical timeout with a 8:2 lead. After the two teams changed sides, Christa of EWVT blocked to bring the score to 11:2, an irreversible gap, before her team finally taking the set easily 15:4 to turn the table on the opponent 3:2 and clinch two consecutive wins in the league.

What deserves a mention is that, before this match, EWVT enjoyed home court treatment in Baoding. But, Fujian team led by Xu Yunli, a current member of the national team, is a hot candidate for upgrading this year. Although local authorities imposed restriction on the quantity of tickets sold before the match, the venue was still filled to the brim. But the restriction on audience not in the least reduced the fans’ warmth and support for EWVT. Lang Ping and Chen Zhonghe were about equal in the degree of welcome they received from the audience. When the hostess introduced the starting lineup of EWVT, cheers burst out from the floor. Feng Kun, Zhou Suhong and Yang Hao enjoyed the highest popularity and the fans gave warm applauses to the three veterans. The fans were in the bright red sports coats worn by the cheering squad of EWVT. The banners “Invincible EWVT” and “Who is to match EWVT?” were particularly eye-catching and repeated captured by the live broadcasting camera of CCTV.

According to the schedule, the third round of Group B of National Women’s Volleyball League will start on December 6 and the confrontation is: Yunnan Vs. EWVT, WIPE Vs. Guangdong, Shandong Vs. Fujian.

In the entire match, the captain of EWVT Feng Kun was consistently stable in playing.


Cospiker Christa, an American player, continued her good performance in this match.


Coach Lang Ping Making Tactical Arrangement


Zhou Suhong Scoring Repeatedly with Spikes


EWVT Still Receiving Maximum Warmth and Support from Fans Though Away


After two wins in a row, captain Feng Kun has become the focus of media interviews.
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