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EWVT Winning Road Game 3:0 over Yunnan Team to Rank 1st on Scoreboard with a 3-Game Win Streak

 Date:2009.12.07   Publisher:Evergrande Group

Issuing Time:2009-12-7

On the afternoon of December 6, Group B of 2009-2010 National Women’s Volleyball League went into the third round of fierce competition, with EWVT, which remained unbeaten in the first two rounds, taking on Yunnan Women’s Volleyball Team. In the end, EWVT overpowered the opponent 3-0 on a 3-game win streak in the league and remained on top of the scoreboard. The points of the three sets were: 25-15, 25-19, 25-14.

Since the start of the new season, EWVT has made two consecutive wins and the whole team is in high morale. Yunnan team, however, has yet to win. The highlight is the encounter between the head coaches of the two teams: Lang Ping and her former student He Qi.

At the beginning of the match, both teams sent their key players to the arena, including former national team members Zhou Suhong, Yang Hao and Feng Kun and the American players of EWVT, and Zhang Xian, the current libero of Chinese women’s volleyball team, who leads the lineup of Yunnan team.

In the first set, EWVT quickly got into shape, with the players moving around actively and serving stably. Very soon, EWVT gained a 8-4 lead and got into the first technical timeout. After the timeout, EWVT continued to beef up its offensive and took the first set 25:15. At the beginning of the second set, the two teams were locked in a dogfight and the points had been close. After accurate tactical adjustment, EWVT won the second set 25:19.

In the crucial third set, EWVT won again 25:14 neat and tidy, beating the opponent 3:0 and clinching the third straight win in the league. After the game, EWVT maintains its top place on the scoreboard of the league. On 12th, EWVT will play at home against Taishan Jianlong Women’s volleyball Team. This long-awaited “Guangdong derby” will no doubt inject new vigor and passion again into the volleyball circles.


Improving Teamwork of EWVT Players as the League Goes On

Coach Lang Ping Giving Tactical Instructions in the Interval of the Match

Zhou Suhong and Yin Meng Showing Overwhelming Above-net Superiority

Passionate Yunnan Fans

Though on away court, EWVT never felt the lack of supporting fans.

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