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First Home Win of EWVT 3:1 over Taishan Jianlong in a Derby of Guangdong

 Date:2009.12.13   Publisher:Evergrande Group

Issuing Time:2009-12-13

The 4th round of contests in Group B of 2009-2010 Anta National Women’s Volleyball League started at 19:30 on December 12, 2009. EWVT, which had secured three straight wins on the road and ranks 1st on the scoreboard, played against Taishan Jianlong of Guangdong in its first home game. The derby attracted a large number of fans, including the fans from other provinces, who came to cheer for the players. Irrespective of a loss in the first set, EWVT came back strong to take the next three sets and clean up on the opponent 3:1 (23:25, 25:20, 29:27, 25:17).  

Since the start of the league, every game of EWVT was warmly sought after by fans. The first three away courts of EWVT actually became its “home court”. When it returned to its own real home court, the warmth of the fans exploded so that the venue that can accommodate nearly 1500 people was crowded with people. The warmth of the fans was also a powerful drive for EWVT in its first home game.

Derby in the volleyball circles has been rare traditionally. Thus, the “Guangdong derby” between EWVT and Taishan Women’s Volleyball Team became a highlight of the league. Lang Ping and Hu Jin both led the national team as head coach and made contributions to the development of the Chinese women’s volleyball. After the years, the two met again on the competition arena of Group B in a direct bout, arousing great interest.

Starting lineup of EWVT: No. 2 Feng Kun, No. 3 Yang Hao, No. 3 Christa Hamotto, No. 7 Zhou Suhong, No. 10 Yin Meng, No. 13 Wang Li. Starting lineup of visiting team: No. 6 Soma, No. 10 Zhu Qing, No. 11 Dong Ling’ou, No. 13 Kang Yujie, No. 15 Chen Jing and No. 18 Wang Lina.  

In the first set, both teams got into groove quickly. Taishan team dominated the game through a succession of spikes and drops. After the first technical timeout, however, EWVT had gradually adjusted its mindset and, by the second technical timeout, outscored the opponent by 16-14. Finally, Taishan team took advantage of the turnovers of the opponent to take the first set 25:23.

Soon after the start of the second set, EWVT in a return to form gained a 6-2 advantage through a series of spikes, greatly rousing the morale. Then, EWVT managed to maintain a lead of 5~6 points by right of excellent performance in spikes and blocking. After the second technical timeout, EWVT continued to grow in momentum and enjoyed a run of 6:0 to lead 21:12. Then, EWVT did not give the opponent much chance and took the set 25:20 hands down.

The third set was the most brilliant focus of the game. After kickoff, the two teams fell into a jigsaw of scoring, raising the enthusiasm of fans and the atmosphere of the venue to a climax. Taishan Jianlong led 8:6 when the first technical timeout came. Then, the two sides tied at 11:11 and Taishan team requested its first timeout. After simple adjustments, both sides showed splendid competition state and frequently demonstrated wonderful spikes and blocks, with the points increasing alternately all the way along. When the points reached 24:24, the most exciting match point contest of the game appeared: 25:25, 26:26, 27:27 until EWVT scored two points in a row to close the set 29:27.

In the 4th set, EWVT took a 5:2 lead from the beginning in even stronger momentum and kept the lead to the end of the set, finally winning the set 25:17.

After the game, EWVT has reaped 4 wins running in the league to remain on top of the scoreboard. On December 15, EWVT will challenge the team of Wuhan Institute of Physical Education away in Pingguo, Guangxi. 

EWVT has netted 4 wins in a row since the kickoff of the new season and ranks 1st on the scoreboard as the only team of winning all the 4 games. The whole team is high in morale and fully confident in rising Group A.

Good Teamwork of EWVT Members

Reunion of Lang Ping and Hu Jin, Former Head Coaches of National Team

Coach Lang Ping Giving Tactical Instructions in the Interval of the Match

Celebrating the Victory in the Derby

Enthusiastic Fans on the Home Court of EWVT  

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