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EWVT Beat WIPE 3:0 in Road Game, Leading All Teams with Five Straight Wins

 Date:2009.12.16   Publisher:Evergrande Group

Issuing Time:2009-12-16

December 15, Beijing Time, saw the outset of the 5th round of contest in Group B of 2009-2010 National Women’s Volleyball League. In Pingguo, Guangxi, EWVT licked the team of Wuhan Institute of Physical Education (“WIPE”) in a landslide victory 3:0 (25-17, 25-7, 25-16), continuing to lead the scoreboard with a 5-game win streak. EWVT has also become the only team of the league that has suffered no defeat!

Starting lineup of EWVT: spikers Yang Hao and Zhou Yuan; co-spikers Yin Meng and Christa; technique Zhou Suhong; setter Feng Kun; libero Davis.

In the first set, Zhou mounted powerful attacks at the 2nd place and her moving attacks were simply irresistible. Christa, a foreign player from the United States, not only did well in offensive, but also scored frequently in blocking. EWVT played it safe in no hurry. Yang Hao obtained a high hit rate in her attacks from the 4th place. Finally, EWVT won 25-17.

In the second set, EWVT did even better by making a complete mess of the first pass of WIPE with its services and widened the gap with multi-spot attacks. Then, Lang Ping substituted the leading players with reserve players to temper the new players, including Yu Jing and Jiang Wei, who were both given the opportunity to play. Christa, the foreign player, staged sharp backward flights and high-spot quick attacks in an explosion of passion. EWVT won another set 25-7.

The third set became the show time of EWVT. While Zhou Suhong and Christa took the spotlight alternately and were most active, Yin Yin, a veteran player who got as substitute, also did pretty well. In the end, EWVT won the set 25-16 to sweep the opponent on the way to a fifth straight win with a total score of 3-0.

According to the schedule, EWVT will have the bye in the 6th round before meeting Shandong team, a strong opponent, at home in its next game on December 26.

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